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simply better fishing

Simply Better Fishing


Pier Pressure Rod Holder

Pier Pressure Rod Holder also features an attachment inside its bottom that locks the rod in one position and has 360 degree capability. This will allow the rod to be in the correct position for when a fish grabs on the line. Many rods get damaged when the weight of the reel flips the rod upside down because of waves and gravity - when a fish is on the line, it doesn’t pull on the rod correctly. The Pier Pressure Rod Holder fixes that problem and ensures the rod will be in the proper position every time.

Product Specifications: 13.5 inches long, 7.5 lbs., easy grip lever.

- Made in the U.S.A. in Pure Michigan
- Patented gear system
- One handed maneuverability to move rod in any position desired
- Easy release spring loaded lever
- Tapered end for easy rod release
- Over 1,000 interlocking positions
- Attachment to Keep rod in correct position at all times
- Made of stainless steel

About Pier Pressure

Rod Holders

The Pier Pressure Rod Holder is in a class of its own. The entire rod holder is made of anodized stainless steel ensuring it will never rust. This revolutionary rod holder is a patented design that allows the user to move the holder in any direction desired with ease. Engineered for one-handed control, our spring loaded lever provides quick and easy adjustments for any angler. With over 1,000 interlocking positions, the Pier Pressure Rod Holder guarantees cleaner and tighter spreads, maximizing the amount of fish landed.

Creator: Captain Mark Chmura

Captain Mark has been a charter captain for the Great Lakes since 1988. His charter business resides in Manistee, Michigan. He is the captain for the most winningest fishing tournament team in the Great Lakes and he's held the world's record for biggest brown trout since 1995. His success as a charter captain has landed him in such magazines as In-Fisherman and Great Lakes Angers. Captain Mark’s passion for fishing and 18 years of experience as a field tester lead him to the creation of the Pier Pressure Rod Holder. He was frustrated with the limitations of rod holders on the market because there was not one that could do what Captain Mark wanted; it was then he decided to create his own. “I just wanted a rod holder that worked better for people.” His imagined a rod holder that could move up and down, as well as side to side, in any position he wanted with just a simple release of a lever handle. After years of research and development, engineering, prototyping and finally receiving a patent, the Pier Pressure Rod Holder was born!

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From our first show of the year: we had nothing but positive reviews for our Rod Holder! People loved how easy it was to use and its versatility! This video shows that Pier Pressure Rod Holders are the most user friendly and versatile rod holders in the world! Thanks for watching! tv

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